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What is Xplorocity?

Xplorocity is a free online service that helps you discover new things to see and do around you. Simply let us know where you are and we’ll show you all that surrounds you.

Why use

Do you ever find yourself wondering what there is to do? Are you always going out to the same places, and doing the same things? Or maybe you're currently traveling and curious as to what surrounds you.

Xplorocity connects you with an updated list of events & activities no matter the demographic or mood you're looking for. Just specify what you're looking for by customizing your search results to find the best activity or event that suits you.

Who can use Xplorocity?

We are launching exclusively in Montreal for the moment, but are working hard to have Xplorocity available across Canada so you can discover awesome things to see and do wherever you go!

Is Xplorocity for everyone?

Yes! Xplorocity caters to any demographic or mood - simply customize your search by selecting the type event you are looking for to get better results.

Choose from a large variety of events or activities near you with Xplorocity. Either choose from activities that are permanently available or events that are happening at a specific time! You can further customize your search by categories and subcategories as well as distance and even amenities such as free Wi-Fi, food and alcohol sales. No matter what you're looking for, Xplorocity will help you discover it.

Is Xplorocity free?

Yes! Xplorocity is a completely free to use online service. Give Xplorocity a try!

Is Xplorocity available outside of Montreal?

We are slowly spreading westward at the moment from Montreal! First cities will be Ottawa and Quebec City followed by Toronto. We are working hard to get Xplorocity available no matter where you go! Subscribe to our newsletter or like us on Facebook to be the first to find out when Xplorocity will be available near you.

Why can't I find a specific event / venue / activity on Xplorocity?

Know about something going on near you that we don't? Fill out the small form at the bottom of our home page and let us know about it! We'll gladly look into adding your suggestion to our site meanwhile you are entered for a chance to win awesome prizes!

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